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Cincinnati (Middletown)

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My father got me hooked on cameras when I was 7... leading to my first paid photo job at 16, then my first short film made at 17.

After college I worked at several companies as an A/V producer.
I got a chance to make filmstrips, multi-image slide shows, motion pictures, audio and video productions... and then eventually went out on my own... and have been since 1985.

My main work is corporate/industrial... but as of late have gotten involved with some motion picture productions doing stills, making-of videos, and even a little acting.

The 5DMkII has me interested again in doing some indie projects. Let's see if it happens. :-)

(Since writing this... as of 12/12, I've worked on 4 Indie films for Rebel Pilgrim Productions, 2 of which I was co-producer and DP.)


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