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Edmonton, AB, Canada

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Been around the Internet before most people knew there was an Internet, which of course means I'm a craggy old fool. Have run "The Edge" from it's birth which in turn gave birth to "Muslimgauze: The Messenger", which I am still responsible for, & "Rapoon Net" that I ran for many years but have since passed the reigns over to Robin (Storey) himself. Now there is "The Muslimgauze Preservation Society", something very special. Met so many amazing people via this electronic medium & can gladly list many of them as great friends today. Lived listening to music my whole life, which has chartered it rather interestingly & lead ultimately to all else. It's strange how "the music" has interfaced so well with my decades of work with computers.

The absolute and total perfection of stream of consciousness. Making for possibly the most confusing entity outside of an asylum.

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