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Since 1996, the auteur filmmaking team of Denis Paquette and Carmen Henríquez has produced, directed, shot and edited over fifty hours of documentary, series and multimedia content internationally. As co-principals of Vancouver based RealWorld Media Inc., and RealWorld Films Inc., Carmen and Denis filmmaking interests are focused on themes of social, economic and environmental justice. Beginning in 1998 with their one hour Global Television documentary Constant Companion, intimate access to communities, characters, and locations have been the hallmarks of their stories and filmmaking style.
Graduates of the acclaimed Vancouver Film School, Carmen and Denis forged a ‘hands on’ creative partnership that now spans two decades. Twenty Years of Silence, an intimate portrait of Carmen’s family growing up under Chile’s military dictatorship, was the filmmakers first documentary in South America. Their more recent credits include the thirteen part APTN documentary series Closer To Home (2011) and the one hour documentary, Wood, Steel and Ice (2009/10) chronicling design and construction of the largest wood roof in the world - the 2010 Winter Olympic Skating Oval. Shot on location in Canada, Chile, and Argentina, Cry of the Andes (2010) is the filmmakers first feature length documentary. Both are married
and reside with their families in Vancouver, Canada.

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