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An aspiring filmmaker currently studying in University of The Arts London's London College of Communication, Ryan Boey has directed and edited nine films, with one 'Back On The Horse' being submitted into the Sundance Short Film Competition and three of which had been showcased in his Polytechnic's Open House.

As a Producer, Director, Screenwriter and Editor, Ryan Boey has gained many valuable experiences leading a team of 20 for 'Back On The Horse' short film, through pre production, risk assessment, location scouting, casting calls, budgeting to production and post production of each individual film.

As the Art department's Coordinator, Ryan Boey has gained many valuable experiences leading a team of 8 to recreate a 1950s english home for an external film. His job includes Coordinating between the Director, producer and his Art team to ensure that the Director's visions comes to life, by managing and researching with the set designers, set construction team, set props and dressings team and set costume team.

Notable personal works for showcase includes the Back On The Horse Short Film '2013' and Chasing Lights Short Film '2009'.

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