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  1. Scene 360

    by Adriana de Barros

    645 Videos / 2,836 Followers

    Publishing articles about Fine Art, Tattoos, Graffiti, Design, and Movies. WEBSITE: http://illusion.scene360.com/ SUBMISSIONS: http://bit.ly/NXF6Zx

  2. Stereo 3D Toolkit 2

    by Ryan Cashman

    10 Videos / 5 Followers

    Tutorials and Demos for the S3D Toolkit 2 script for After Effects. http://aescripts.com/stereo-3d-toolkit/

  3. Stop... Motion!

    by Forrest O.

    21 Videos / 194 Followers

    hd stopmotion animation... you don't need an new video camera to produce hd content!

  4. The Stereo 3D Channel

    by Ryan Suits

    2,006 Videos / 7,139 Followers

    The Stereo 3D Channel is home for all things stereoscopic on Vimeo. Our Blog: http://stereo3Dchannel.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/stereo3Dchannel Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stereo3Dchannel

  5. TouchDesigner

    by Derivative

    21 Videos / 643 Followers

    TouchDesigner is a new development environment for visual artists, animators, and everyone else to build powerful interactive graphics-accelerated 3D worlds and applications. This channel features…

  6. Videomix,Vjing,Animation

    by godino

    1,953 Videos / 909 Followers

    Videomix,Vjing ,animation also .......

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