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Ryan's films have won awards in festivals around the country for writing, direction and vision, and have been featured in The Washington Post, Wholphin, Filmmaker Magazine, Gawker, Salon, IndieReader.com and over 200 local print, radio and television outlets. His most recent feature, Turtle Hill, Brooklyn premiered at NewFest 2011, the country's premiere LGBT film festival and won the Audience Award for Best Narrative. Turtle Hill is currently on the festival circuit and will hit art house theaters in the fall. Following a three-month college tour, Ryan's award-winning first feature,The Graduates (2009) launched a ten-city arthouse theatrical release, playing to sold out crowds. It has gone to be one of the top 5 digitally selling indies of the last decade. Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon (Brownpenny, 230 pgs) is Ryan's first book, and is available everywhere books are sold online. believelimited.com

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