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Los Angeles, CA

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Ryan Loughridge is a still, video and multimedia creator based in Los Angeles, California. Loughridge’s fascination with photography and video spawned from his passions for documenting skateboarding and snowboarding culture. His devotion to the action sport cultures lead him to pursue an education in the multimedia field. While receiving his education at Brooks Institute, Loughridge won a Bronze medal in the 64th Annual CPOY contest. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Brooks in June of 2010, he attended the XXIII Eddie Adams Workshop. Also in 2010, Loughridge worked on two feature length international documentaries, taking him to South Africa and Southeast Asia. His print work has been featured in various publications, museums and print galleries. “I aim to create visually stunning multimedia. Whether it be photography, design, film, or audio, I want to blow the minds of anyone who experiences my work. I strive for excellence. Self expression is held in the highest of my regards.” Loughridge shoots to bend the rules of art and movement, while incorporating that which is the human experience.

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