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Atlanta, GA, USA

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My name is Ryan.

I am currently running a Production company, "Monolopolus Productions", dedicated to working with non-profits, charities and businesses that help create a positive impact on their environments; additionally we work on documentary, short and feature films. I also travel and freelance for various organizations and production companies.

I recently graduated from the University at Buffalo with a double major in Media production and sociology, with a virtual minor in psychology.

Currently, I am in post for my second feature film, and specialize in production management, cinematography and directing. I also work on instructional videos/programs for martial arts groups, produce small commercial documentaries, and experiment in sound design.

Additionally, I run a martial arts club at UB and train 30+ hours a week, coach and train fighters, and am currently fighting in amateur MMA and in full contact stick fighting.

I am a firm believer in the power of media, its progressive artistic practice, and the social change that can be inspired by works of merit.

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