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Wichita, KS

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I began my career in production and design as a producer, director, and creative thinker and have worked hard to earn a number of awards in film, web production, television, and blogging. I founded CreativeRHINO with Kathryn Van Steenhuyse in 2006 to open up creative opportunities in new media and production.

Ryan holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, studied theatrical design at Havard, writing at NYU Tisch, and currently works as the Director of Marketing for a retail franchise and the Managing Partner of Wichita's iconic Heroes Sports Bar & Grill. As the head of CreativeRHINO he pushes himself and his crew to create work that breaks down the boundaries of conventionalism and evokes interaction through new technology. Currently, Ryan has been writing about transitioning to the Midwest, Corporate America, and parenthood in a project called “So Long Freedom.” Among the business projects Ryan is a part of he is also a board member of the Tallgrass Film Festival.

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  • CreativeRHINO - CreativeRHINO is a collection of creative individuals who specialize in creative consulting, new media, event planning, and bridging the gap between broadcast and interactive media.
  • Tallgrass Film Festival - Ryan is a Board Member of the Tallgrass Film Association, which fosters an appreciation of the cinematic arts by creating shared experiences around the international medium of film.
  • So Long Freedom - A journey into fatherhood, corporate America, and responsibility.


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