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Electronic Rock Music Artist Rybird produces concept and visual art music videos. Scenic and new age, with stunning visuals of landscapes, nature and wildlife summarize many of Rybird's videos. Other music videos are experimental and abstract visuals in which Rybird uses various techniques and special effects, He paints a moving picture using his imagination. The music is his inspiration and the video editor his palette. The music has been described as profound, innovative, and tantalizing by Alex F. and mesmerizing, hypnotic and clever by Jacki W. and a vortex of swirling creativity by Zignit. "Insane indeed ,,,,, Love it" says Dossers Urge

Rybird has currently produced ten albums and numerous music videos.

Rybird Discography

Grind and Polish (released October 2008)
Sonic Hooky (released March 2009)
Nativicity (released September 2009)
Dragons and Dragonflies (released March 2010)
2am (Released Sept 2010)
Halcyon Khu (released Feb 2011)
Music for Interrogation (released Aug 2012)
Arion (released Nov 2012)
Parsec 9 (Released Aug 2013)
Sundering Fate (Released NOV 2013)

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