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New Media is a Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate program at Ryerson University, housed with the RTA School of Media.

In the New Media program, you’ll learn to redefine your relationship to all forms of mediated communication. Computers shrink, become portable, and react not only to buttons on a keypad, but also to the movement of a body. A performer moves on stage, composing music with an instrument embedded in her clothes. Networks bring the farthest reaches of the planet to our pockets. A computer is configured to sense and respond to the physical world. Interactivity merges with social media transforming space and time; virtual spaces like Facebook, YouTube and Second Life spring forth. An artist sends a text message and changes the world.

In this hands-on program you’ll learn to make media for the 21st century. You’ll learn to use computers to facilitate new relationships among people. By developing skills such as computer programming and electronics, you will become creators in digital art, mobile media, interactive storytelling and virtual worlds. You’ll learn about new media as a contemporary art practice, a mode of communication and a gateway to future innovation. By the end of your fourth year in the New Media program you will be comfortable working at the intersection of art, design, technology, innovation and invention. As a graduate, you will be a highly sought after individual, bringing your creative problem solving abilities to multi-platform projects in any industry. In addition, the blend of theory and practice in New Media prepares students for a variety of graduate programs.

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