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Litigation with Purpose™

Law Offices Of Sadaka Associates LLC is the only law firm focused solely on socially important litigation. Large companies have a social responsibility to consumers when they place a product on the market. Business owners owe a social responsibility to each other when they engage in business transactions. These social responsibilities are the lynch pin to our society. When a responsibility is violated, Law Offices Of Sadaka Associates LLC is there to pick up the pieces.

Sadaka Associates LLC has been involved in a large number of socially important litigation around the country. The firm has represented both American and foreign companies in business disputes and thousands of individuals hurt by products like drugs, medical devices and vaccines.

Mark Sadaka founded our firm. Mr. Sadaka is an accomplished trial lawyer whose unique blend of scientific and legal analysis matters has earned him numerous accolades and the loyalty of his clients. He earned a Master of Science in Public Health degree from Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with specialization in toxicology and risk assessment. It is Mr. Sadaka’s scientific training has made him a leader in litigating complex consumer, product, medical device and drug cases.

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