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Safety First - Your safety is our business at Safety Signs Philippines!

It’s always been about safety first. Today, it’s also about having a Green Strategy for your building’s emergency egress markings. For your total Green solution, start with the new, zero energy Safety Signs Philippines of the unparalleled photoluminescent Safety Signs Philippines part our non-electric, 100% recyclable Safety Signs Philippines signs are the premier green solution in this evolving, eco-conscious business environment. Safety Signs Philippines signs use no electricity, and are non-toxic and non-radioactive – making them the most reliable, economical and eco-friendly glow-in-the-dark exit signs available today.

Saving Energy
Saving energy, saving you money, and protecting the environment – with Safety Signs Philippines signs, going green has never been easier or less expensive.

Saving Money
Lighting costs alone can eat up to one-third of all energy consumed in your building. Safety Signs Philippines photo luminescent Signs use zero electricity, decreasing energy use, especially during peak use or emergency generator loads.

Zero Maintenance for 25+ Years
Unlike old-technology LED signs, photo luminescent Safety Signs Philippines signs absorb and store ambient light, providing bright, visible illumination in blackout or smoky conditions. Zero energy Safety Signs Philippines signs also have no bulbs or batteries to replace, and they are zero maintenance for 25+ years.

Saving the Environment
100% recyclable Safety Signs Philippines signs made with rare earth minerals. That means there are zero overseas shipping consideration or costs, zero hazardous materials to dispose of, and no replacement parts to add to already-overflowing landfills.

Saving Lives Every Day
While emergency generators can fail, backup batteries can die, and LED lamps can blow. Safety Signs Philippines signs are 100% reliable every time. When it comes to safety sign-age, there is only one safe choice: Safety Signs Philippines photoluminescent Signs.

Attractive Safety Signs Philippines Exit signs glow in the dark exit signs are designed for either new construction or retrofits in any application.

Architects Benefits:
• LEED points qualified
• Reduces cooling and emergency generator loads
• Aesthetically-pleasing designs
• Multiple product solutions for every application

Contractor Benefits:
• Lower labor and material cost
• No electrical to run or battery backup
• Standard bracket options for easy mounting

Building Owner Benefits
• Zero energy consumption
• Zero energy cost
• Zero maintenance, reduces overhead costs
• Non-toxic, non-radioactive
• No disposal cost, 100% recyclable
• Movable if egress paths change

Safety Signs Philippines has the largest and most accredited range of photoluminescent signs and safety way-guidance system components all available ex stock to be used all around the world.

Our products and the application of photo luminescent signs, escape path lighting and markings can reduce risk and save lives.

We the largest and most accredited range of photo luminescent signs and safety way-guidance system components all available in stock to be used all around the world.

Safety Signs Philippines


It is our duty to provide you with the best products at competitive prices, to offer unparalleled service and to help you build and grow your business into a successful Lighting and Safety Signage marketing, sales and installation organization.

Safety Signs Philippines introduced a revolutionary new Emergency Evacuation Plate. The “Photo luminescent Evacuation map” designs with less parts and tamper proof surface. The building evacuation plan is integrated on the plate without the use of paper, acrylic or ink. This Strontium aluminate Photoluminescent plate glows in the dark even after 12 hours of brow-outs or electrical failure.

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