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  1. Museum and Exhibition Concepts

    by Thu Phan joined

    75 Videos / 35 Members

    Creative Museum Exhibitions

  2. de Young Museum

    by de Young Museum joined

    35 Videos / 5 Members

  3. The Museum Channel

    by museomuva joined

    143 Videos / 53 Members

    The Museum Channel is a place where every museum in the world can join and publish their videos about their expoisitions. Free for all.

  4. Museum Programming

    by Lawrence Johnson joined

    263 Videos / 87 Members

    This group is devoted to sharing programs created for museums or interpretive centers. We want to share videos, interactive programs and information about interpretation of history, culture, science,…

  5. Safnafræði / Museum Studies

    by Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson joined

    6 Videos / 3 Members

    Viðfangsefni hópsins er myndefni sem með einhverjum hætti tengjast safnafræðum. Allir sem áhuga hafa á þeim fræðum geta orðið þátttakendur…

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