Saint Gooseberry

Brest, Belarus

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Saint Gooseberry is an alternative electronic band that was founded in 2009 by Anatoly Kuris in Brest, Belarus. Initially, it was nothing but fooling around with some sounds and voice. After a period of experimenting, few songs were written and in the spring of 2010 Anatoly showed them to Valery Sokolov from SKLF, who was the first one who really liked the material and helped Anatoly further with his first gigs. Right now Valery is considered as a member of the band and does vocal fx on the live performances. In the 2012 local guitarist and Anatoly's friend Kirill Kush joined the band. Right now Saint Gooseberry is in process of recording their debut album.


  1. Hardmark Production Group
  2. Christopher Tevebaugh