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SAIZEN MEDIA is a full service award-winning digital creative agency with offices in Santa Monica, California, and Milan, Italy. We are focused on high end interactive products that leave a definitive mark. Determined to continuously push its own standards and capabilities, Saizen Media attempts to redefine the entire approach to interactive experience, converting each product into a mixture of cutting edge technology and digital entertainment.

We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with the clients and brands that choose us for their creative solutions. We firmly believe that every brand has its own story to tell, and we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that each and every story we tell is an epic and memorable one.
Today’s marketplace is an ever-changing organism. Transformation and mutation are part of the world we live in. Through years of experience and passionate dedication we have made it a top priority to deliver the most effective and creative solutions for our clients, and accompany them in their journey. We see our clients as partners, not simply as customers.

Our team is committed to delivering state of the art products and creative solutions that will satisfy our clients’ needs regardless of the style, medium or format. Interactive experience websites, mobile applications, illustrations, TV Ads, 2D / 3D animation, Print Campaigns, Social Media games and applications, Intergrated campaigns…YOU WANT IT? WE GOT IT!

Interested in working with us? Drop us a line! We are always interested in exciting new projects and collaborations.

1427 7th St
Santa Monica, CA - 90401
(+1) 310.951.9010

Via G. Pizzi 24
20141 – Milano (MI)
(+39) 393.114.9424

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