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Manchester, UK

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Software Engineer, Camera Op/DoP and Vision Mixer
Founder/developer @jackinabox4k broadcast systems, based @NQphotostudio
This is the place where I keep my personal projects. Others are strewn across web and TV in various places. TODO: reel2015


  1. ISO50
  2. MPC Digital
  3. Baraka & Samsara
  4. The Warehouse Project
  5. Sebastian Matthes
  6. Memo Akten
  7. Theo Watson
  8. Kyle McDonald
  9. Rings
  10. Surdevan Creative
  11. A. Safari
  12. Greg Williams
  13. flight404
  14. Everynone
  15. Jonathan Hammond
  16. RED Digital Cinema
  17. Esteban Diácono
  18. Kiers Bray

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  1. Ah, they look so similar! Using RF instead of WiFi is probably a much better idea latency-wise. A very cool project nonetheless! Will definitely keep you posted!