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Christopher San Agustin is a Motion Designer currently based in Brooklyn, New York Freelancing for shops such as Manhattan Born, Brand New School, Nailgun and working on projects for clients such as ESPN, PBS, Nickelodean, and VH1. Born in Oakland, California; Christopher's roots in design reach back to the days where he authored a paper zine filled with art, politics and poetry to hand out at punk rock clubs and book stores. It wasn't until he took a bicycle trip through South East Asia and stopped at a film festival in Bangkok that he discovered his passion for Graphic Arts. He'd later go on to become a videographer and editor producing works featured in the Bicycle Film Festival and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Ultimately this led Christopher toward attending a digital arts school in the San Francisco Bay Area where he spent his time absorbing the craft of animation and design. Before graduation Christopher was already freelancing for shops around San Francisco which made a transition to New York City relatively seamless. Since moving to New York Christopher has found himself working with the best studios in the industry and most recently formed his own company Stay Fed, based out of Brooklyn. Christopher is a part of a new generation of artists that pride themselves in being both an Animator and a Designer. Giving him the ability to be a versatile asset in the studio environment world wide.

Beyond the commercial spectrum Christopher has had a deep passion for bicycles since he was six years old. His love for bicycles sparked him to work with the San Francisco based collective First Rule to organize events in Bangkok, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Khon Khaen, and San Diego. He's also worked in collobarations with comapnies like The Hive, DK Bicycles, Timbuk 2, Origin 8, S&M bikes and Sadio bikes. He's also written and produced articles for Session BMX magazine that was distributed worldwide in retail shops such as Barnes and Noble. Since moving to NYC his role in the bicycle industry has taken a backseat but he is still an avid bicycle commuter and is planning on jumping back into the scene in 2013!

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