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Thanks for taking the time to watch some of my wildlife videos. I shoot with a JVC GY HM 100 or a Canon 7D or 5DMark11. I have had no formal training, so if you would like to give me some tips, please message me with your contact details. I really do appreciate advice and help with my video work, pre and post processing too.
Located at Lake Eacham & Malanda, in Far North Qld, it's a mountain paradise to enjoy the rainforest, crater lakes, waterfalls, and all creatures large & smallthat inhabit them.
I've put out a movie on platypus , called Platypus Encounters, and am currently working on another about Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroos. What a beautiful way to spend my days...... I hope to upload some videos here when I can work out how....... :-)

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  1. Great video!!! Thanks for sharing .
  2. They are so Adorable... wonderful that some people are caring and trying to build the numbers up. So precious and so few left.