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Introducing Ollie...
I am an Actor, Film Script Writer, Christmas Santa Actor, Extra and can also be viewed at .....

This will give you an insight what I have been up too and my goals etc.

I aslo enjoy helping out with first time student film directors / final year productions at such places like NZBS CHCH and UC Fine Arts Dept CHCH.

I enjoy getting behind causes / businesses, who support Cancer Kids.

Feel free to ask me any questions.
Look forward in hearing from you.

The profile photo of me gives you an idea of what my Christmas beard would look like for Christmas gigs etc.


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  1. Edward Turnbull

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  1. Speaking another language was a real challenge, and I credit Edward Turnball's talent as a film director. Brilliant cast, and all the crew were great to work with. Keep going Edward, you have a great career ahead of you.
  2. Brilliant young actress to work with. The film cast, crew, gave the film thier best shot and even made it to the Magna Film Festival Rotorua. Congradulations to Edward Turnball from the UC Film and Arts school.