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Sarah’s debut feature film, MLE, a comedic spy caper featuring Paul Haggis and Mike Figgis, has its World Premiere at the BFI Southbank, London as part of the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival. It has also been shortlisted for the UK Discovery Award.

Sarah Warren is a filmmaker, theatre maker and passionate film tutor who works around the world. She equally divides as an Actor, Writer and Director. As a performer, Sarah acted at the acclaimed Piccolo Teatro in Milano along with her on camera career. Sarah’s first film as a writer/director, a student feature, she made while studying at the University of Toronto. She was one of just three selected actors for a specialized course focusing on interdisciplinary art taught by Director and film icon Atom Egoyan. It was Atom who encouraged Sarah to follow her comedic voice after watching her student feature, Moments Before (which went on to showcase at festivals in both LA and Toronto) while she was still in film school.

After a degree in Dramatic Arts and Gender Studies, Sarah went on to study filmmaking on S16mm in London, England. Her best training however came from working on a multitude of international sets as a Script Supervisor for various directors. While Script Supervising she maintained writing/directing and acting. Her short film, Guilt Or was selected as top 10 ten for TIFF’s showcase and then went on to show theatrically before Roman Polanski’s Carnage. Sarah also produced Matt Austin’s film Tape, showing at Cannes International Film Festival and TIFF.

After ‘spying’ on dozens of directors, and already being a trained actor, Sarah launched into making her debut feature. Being back in the UK for just a few months, she raised over 20k on Kickstarter to help make her debut feature film, MLE. MLE (My Little Eye) features 30+ unique London locations, 60+ British cast, and is based on a hilarious story from her own life. Sarah has three feature films in development: a new comedy/action, a romantic sci-fi, and a comedy on sexual politics.

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