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Involved in arts since the 90's (when I was born) I always pictured myself doing it (music, photography, movies). Lately I realized that what I really want is to tell something to someone by any of those kinds of art.


  1. Andy Landen
  3. Vende-se Filmes
  4. Nigel Van Wieck
  5. Christian Larson
  6. Johnny Kelly
  7. The Avant/Garde Diaries
  8. Raquel Sousa
  9. João P. Duarte
  10. Bruno Caetano
  11. Marcelo Camelo Oficial
  12. NAFF - Not A Film Festival
  13. Take It Easy Film
  14. Raquel Cruz Gonçalves
  15. QUIOTO
  16. Cãoceito
  17. Activooh
  18. Dialogue

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