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Sascha is based in Copenhagen from where he freelances all over the world.
He comes from a classical design background and studied at the Academy of Arts in German and also visited the Silicon Studio for his Softimage education in 1996.
He worked in several German companies to design intros for TV shows and pioneered XSI when it came to the market.In 2000 he switched to compositing and fell in love with 5D’s Cyborg and its possibilities. That also laid the foundation for his work on Scratch which he started in 2005.
Since then he worked as colorist at Ghost in Copenhagen, started their grading business from the ground and in 2013 he did the same for TV2
Over time he worked on some major Hollywood production like Hellboy 2, Drag me to hell, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Stardust just to name a few.
His work extended the need of color into heavy compositing and integration of CGI elements
Sascha also graded a bunch of European movies and was responsible for the technical side of color for VFX heavy features, managing a seamless pipeline and preserving image quality.

When not working on colours he is probably out flying a multi-copter for pure pleasure or with a camera rig on board . Sascha's other life is targeted to model aviation and sport action live photography.

• DI Film credits: BEAST (2011), The Good Doctor (2011), HellBoy 2 (Maquette Sequence, 2008), Awake (2011), Bermuda Triangle Northsea (2011)
• Feature DIT : The Sorcerers Apprentice (2010), Drag me to Hell (2009), Cold Prey 2 (2010), A Royal Affair (2012)
• TV credits: Gerningsstedet, Korrespondenterne, Aspiranterne, Julekalender (24 episodes 2011)
• Commercials credits: Illum Bolighus, Home Depot, 7up, Bavaria, Coke Zero, Doritos, Mercedes, Peugeot, SONY Ericsson, Suzuki,
• Music video credits: Great Cesar,Dunee, Kim Gloss, KissKissKiss, Cryoshell, Czesław Śpiewa, Linda Teodosiu

Sascha teaches Assimilate Scratch and Davinci Resolve courses for beginners or advanced students in Copenhagen upon request.
All grading courses are tailored to the needs of the students, companies are welcome to provide their own equipment and projects at hand

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