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Atlanta, GA

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Christian is a high energy, quick witted, and extremely uniqe entertainer. He has an ability to grab the audience and take them on a hilarious and zany journey.

Christian’s form of comedy is staccato, original and very topical; and runs the gambit from his parents divorce and his father's new found alternative lifestyle, his own time spent in the military and his relationship with his Jewish wife. Christian loves to make other odd general observations on modern day pop culture and current events.

Christian brings much more than original and hilarious comedy to the table, being one of the nation’s top Comedy Magicians, Christian loves to incorporate quick, visually stunning illusions into each of his comedy bits.

However Christian doesn’t like to be considered a "variety act" but an actual Stand Up Comedian who uses amazing visual effects to drive home the hilarity.

If you ever have the pleasure of seeing Christian perform you will love how his quick Witt and ability to improvise can turn most any situation into an opportunity for comedy.

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