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The administration of Georgia State University just sold out one of the nation’s most powerful and longest-running college radio stations. WRAS 88.5 FM, also known as Album 88, has been an extremely influential element of the Atlanta arts scene since its inception in 1970. It is a beloved institution of the city, one of the markers of the special atmosphere that has allowed Atlanta to become the music industry leader that it is today.

Despite the fact that the radio station has always been student run and managed, the university holds the FCC license. This allowed them to negotiate a deal with Georgia Public Radio while keeping the radio station management in the dark. GPB paid the college $150, 000 for a two-year contract that gives them the WRAS airwaves during prime time, from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

What makes this deal truly difficult to understand is that GPB daytime programming is already available on other stations in the Atlanta metro area. We’re losing an iconic station and gaining nothing of value in return. Georgia State sold out one of the college’s shining achievements for a big check.

Atlanta citizens are outraged and organizing to take action. Help us get our beloved station back before it is too late. Sign the petition, make phone calls, change your profile picture on Facebook to the SAVE WRAS heart logo and your profile cover picture to the SAVE WRAS banner, take a selfie, use the #SaveWRAS hashtag, share this website and stay tuned for updates!

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