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Comedy from the cement bosom of New York Titty. Grotesque vaudeville to anorexic folk music to violently pregnant Victorian comedy, the SBJM experience is akin to fruitlessly grabbing at the golden ring on a fast moving carousel and finding yourself suddenly impaled by a phallic wooden unicorn. Diet Coke and a bag of pork rinds. Or Love in the Time of Cholera meets Nancy Drew and the Case of the Golden Clit.

Since their immaculate conception the devout duo of Leah Rudick and Katie Hartman has been tearing up the NYC comedy circuit, performing at such notable venues as Upright Citizens Brigade, Caroline's on Broadway, and the People's Improv Theater. Festivals include: Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Ladies Are Funny Festival, FRIGID New York Festival, and Brooklyn Underground Comedy Festival. They will make their International Debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their show “Misery Eats Company..”


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