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Helmed by Dave Kavanagh, who has worked on fully funded European co-productions, features, shorts and commercials, Scapular Films is a Dublin based production company which was set up to handle the feature film Look to the Son (to be shot on the Digital Bolex camera.)


  1. NothinToFancy
  2. MASHfilms
  3. Serge Krutsenko
  4. Oceanus
  5. Kip Kubin
  6. Michael Gardner
  7. Mathieu Péteul
  8. Juan Palacios
  9. Stewie Andrews
  10. Anna Bombina
  11. Andy Palmer
  12. Eleni Dinaki
  13. mike figgis
  14. Buckled Cranium
  15. AbelCine
  16. Ikonoskop
  17. Digital Bolex

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