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Scaraboo is a project developed by a group of young professionals working in the field of social communication, reportage and documentary films who decided to join forces and devote their skills and passion to the world of non-profit organizations and sustainable development.


  1. fra
  2. Greenpeace
  3. Cinedue
  4. Ilenia Caputo
  5. Meeting Service
  6. Level Gloves
  7. Anna Surinyach
  8. Medici Senza Frontiere
  9. Joey L
  10. Bunker Media
  11. Tobias Hutzler
  12. One Day on Earth
  13. Andrew Julian
  14. Marco Mignani
  15. DocuMovie
  16. Salvatore Logica
  17. diego cervo
  18. all minus prods

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