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The books of Scáth Beorh, all of which tell of ghosts, include Black Fox In Thin Places, October House, Ghosts of St. Augustine, Blood: A Vampire Chronicle, Children & Other Wicked Things, Dark Sayings of Old, Emhain Macha Dark Rain, and Always After Thieves Watch: Stories of Childhood & Other Fantasies. His vision as a storyteller is to ask questions rarely pondered, to speculate, to horrify, and to point listeners toward an endless eternity of forgiveness, light, and the deep things of God. He has lived in Ireland, India, Hollywood, New Orleans, Maine, Vermont, and along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of Florida. Today he makes a home with his lovely and creative wife Ember on a treelined ‘Turn-of-the-Century’ avenue in St. Augustine. Soli Deo Gloria.

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