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SCC Partners works with salespeople, sales teams, managers and leaders to develop more effective ways to sell and create value in today's changing market. Learn more about what we do by visiting our website at

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  1. Hi Joe, contact us using the help form below and we can figure this out in private. Select 'other issues' from the dropdown. Vimeo FAQ:
  2. Tommy, it's on a membership site. I can give you a login if you contact me privately. joe at joemcgonigal dot com
  3. Can you link me to the specific videos where you're seeing this error? Are they on or embedded on another site?
  4. I'm having difficulty playing some of my videos on an ipad. I have multiple videos on one page. Some are fine and others I get this error: this video can't be played with your current setup. Please switch to a browser that provides native h.264…