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  1. NodeJS

    by Gaurav Jassal joined

    7 Videos / 8 Members

  2. Node Tuts

    by Pedro Teixeira joined

    31 Videos / 27 Members

    Node.js tutorials by Pedro Teixeira

  3. Bevry

    by Benjamin Lupton joined

    6 Videos / 2 Members

    Bevry is a company and community of passionate doers of the world, dedicated to empowering each other, with a focus on web development.

  4. DocPad

    by Benjamin Lupton joined

    2 Videos / 2 Members

    Everything DocPad related! http://docpad.org

  5. CincyRB

    by Fourbeansoup joined

    4 Videos / 2 Members

    Cincinnati Ruby Brigade

  6. London Web

    by Nathan O'Hanlon joined

    33 Videos / 11 Members

    If you're a web designer or web developer then London Web is for you! We have collected some of the best brains in the industry (well in London) to talk about what we love the most, the web.…

  7. must watch ruby talks

    by maro10 joined

    5 Videos / 2 Members

  8. Boston Ruby Group

    by Michael Durrant joined

    13 Videos / 2 Members

    Boston Ruby Group

  9. BDD in Ruby

    by Hoornet joined

    18 Videos / 14 Members

    Test-Driven Development (TDD) & Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) in Ruby. Tools like RSpec, Cucumber, etc

  10. Ruby Groups

    by Jens Hilligsøe joined

    5 Videos / 5 Members

    Interesting videos from rubyist groups

  11. RubyTaiwan

    by ihower joined

    44 Videos / 46 Members

    http://ruby.tw http://rubyconf.tw

  12. Engine Yard University Screencasts

    by Engine Yard joined

    32 Videos / 10 Members

    Screencasts for Engien Yard University. Ruby and Rails videos.

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