The School of Imagication

Fort Worth, Texas

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Sometimes Imagination and Education can collide, and when they do, it's Magic...and that is what the School of Imagication is all about. Heath Hamrick is an educator who has always tried to be different, and his class projects and extracurricular activities are no exception: where other schools perform one-act plays, he produces a full-length feature film every year. Using the very latest and best digital video and sound-recording technology, the SapereAude Program operates from October to December filming each year's film for a big premiere in May; from Shakespeare to football to comic book heroes, the SapereAude Program often involves upwards of forty students,both in front and behind the cameras. At the same time, everything from Medieval Festivals to Historical Documentaries to Music Videos are on the table at Hamrick's School of Imagication- where education and imagination collide.


  1. York Junior High School