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♥ Visual Artist.

I love everything that is art and light. And I love the clouds, where my head often takes refuge and dreams. People say that i look Basquiat and Warhol. I would add Saul Bass, Fluxus, the R'n'R, Love, and Instinct.
I have always loved art in all its forms. I like to say that I began to write and draw before speaking. I have an inclination for learning languages (I like to say, optimistically, I speak 6 languages, but to be realistic I speak 2 languages fluently, Italian and Portugues) and I have good interpersonal skills. I like to look at the world from different points of view. I am positively obsessed with beauty and light, after having studied arts and humanities at high school I have attended The Academy of Fine Arts, as a Multimedia Designer first and then as a Visual Designer. During my studies I became interested in photography, video and especially music, without which my heart will not be able to beat. Some experiences as a music producer for bands. I have edited some videos and I've worked on a team project about experimental videos and video installations, screened in some Italian Festivals. My mind is always busy elaborating artistic projects somehow, somewhere overseas! I 'm also PR, videomaker and i'm making as a VJ, creating visual sets for music performances.


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