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Hello my name is Grant and I am the Creator of The Cutting Edge Hair Show and Chief Hairstyling Guru at Welcome to my Channel and thanks so much for stopping by!

I've been fortunate enough to be wildly successful in many different things I've set my mind to in the past:

* Master Stylist Hairstyling Techniques
* An Expert at Professional Hairstyling Shears
* Scissor Sharpening Guru

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My goal for this YouTube channel is to teach you some of the many tricks and techniques I've learned along the way.

I will teach you Master Styling Techniques only the gurus know about.

I'll reveal some of my best-kept little-known secrets for getting clients and have them coming back.

And most importantly, I'll share with you my unique, proven, business building and marketing strategies for creating a hairstyling career and life you actually *LOVE*!

So what exactly is The Cutting Edge Hairshow?

I am glad you asked...

The Cutting Edge Hairshow is an online video education series designed for professional hairstylists and cosmetology students.

The goal of each episode is to provide 10-30 minutes of high quality, easy to understand, step by step education and video instructions to stylists. Every week there will be new content covering all topics related to the hair industry.

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The Cutting Edge HairShow will take you into salons
to get the inside scoop on what top stylists, salon
owners, and industry professionals are doing.

You will learn:
•How to get new HIGH PAYING clients and fill your appointment book
•How to do new cutting, color and styling techniques that will have your clients raving about your work
•How to use the newest tools of the trade to save time and improve your work
•All about the newest products & how to use them - properly!
•Business Skills (eg. tools and techniques to run your business more profitably)
•Health advise for common issues facing hairstylists (eg. how to prevent, reduce or eliminate carpal tunnel, repetitive strain, back and foot problems)

So go check out some of my videos right now... and if you like what you see, make sure you 'SUBSCRIBE' to my channel so you don't miss a single thing.


...If you are a serious professional in the hairstyling & salon industry, a student of cosmetology, or are interested in hairstylist education, and to stay up to date on the most Cutting Egde HairStyling Tricks and Techniques Subscribe to the Whole Series Here:

I promise you if you SUBSCRIBE to the SHOW, your business and and life will never be the same!

Have a GREAT Day!

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