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Small Circle of Friendsの

Tokyo 在住
『pray for japan』

1993 Satsuki Mutou & Riki Azuma
started Small Circle of Friends (S.C.O.F.)
at Fukuoka,Japan. Their music is mixed lylical beats & spiritual words.
In 1994 they recorded first single "E.P." produced by United FutureOrganization on U.F.O.s label "Brownswood(Mercury.M.E.)".
Circa 1994-2000 they released 4 full albums,6 singles & 1 remix album.In 2001 S.C.O.F. founded their own label "Basque". they released 4 full
albums "souvenir","taiyo(means SUN)","icni-nichi-jyu(means ALL DAY)",
and latest album "SPECIAL" on Basque.And S.C.O.F.'s another instrumental project STUDIO 75 released first album "HAND" in 2005.

they'll released Basque's new artist
Takei Fumira's 1st album "music & his story" in MAY/16/2007.
Now,they are recording Studio75's 2nd album
"BRAIN",and S.C.O.F.'s 9th album.
"BRAIN" of a new album releases it on November 7, 2007.

As for first album "HAND" of STUDIO 75,
ON AIR and magazine "Straight No Chaser"
in BBC"WORLD WIDE" were taken up in the chart,
and became topics byGilles Peterson also in foreign countries.

And a long-awaited new album is released on November 19, 2008.
title is "FUTURE"The vinyl of 12inch is discharged earlier on October 31, 2008

We release 12inches of singles from latest album "Superstar" in September, 2014.
Don't miss it!

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