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I’m an effects artist, designer, and director based in Sydney, Australia, with more than 10 years experience in the industry using Flame, Nuke, and After Effects. My previous partnerships have included Animal Logic, FSM, Digital Pictures, Postmodern, and the Lab Sydney, in positions such as motion-graphics designer, VFX compositor, and Design Director with my own team. My most recent collaborative relationship is with Cutting Edge Sydney, as a mid/senior Flame artist, working on Flame/Inferno, After Effects, and Nuke.

What matters most to me is how meaningful the work can be. I seek a creative, artist-driven environment, to work with like-minded people producing world-class work and have fun doing so, and to learn from those above me, passing down what I know to those who ask.

As a child and at school I enjoyed pasting and colouring a little more than is perhaps socially acceptable for a young male. While this has essentially remained unchanged, I now pride myself on crafting remarkable concepts and emotional visuals for forward-thinking clients who are not afraid to trust and experiment. I believe that the power of the moving image is still the most effective method of creating and communicating brand relationships, and aim for honesty and authenticity in my work.

I burn with the power of a thousand suns for the opportunity to collaborate on projects that blend both art and science.

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