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  1. 01:20:30

    Hansel & Gretel

    by Scottish Ballet

    12 Videos

    Unwrap a tasty new treat next Christmas with the world premiere of Christopher Hampson’s fantastical Hansel & Gretel. Scottish Ballet is excited to unveil Artistic Director Christopher Hampson’s…

  2. 04:16

    Highland Fling

    by Scottish Ballet

    5 Videos

    Highland Fling is a ‘romantic wee ballet’ originally produced in 1994 by Olivier Award winner Matthew Bourne. Presented exclusively by Scottish Ballet, Matthew Bourne’s Highland…

  3. 04:34

    Edinburgh International Festival 2013 - Dance Odysseys

    by Scottish Ballet

    3 Videos

    Experience Dance Differently Returning to Edinburgh’s International Festival this August, Scottish Ballet takes you on a four day journey into the curious, the conceptual and the most creative…

  4. 29:55

    Autumn 2012

    by Scottish Ballet

    7 Videos

    An extraordinary triple bill tracing a line through dance from the highly physical to the seductively graceful, featuring Martin Lawrance's Run For It, William Forsythe's Workwithinwork…

  5. 52:51

    A Streetcar Named Desire

    by Scottish Ballet

    7 Videos

    In the 65th anniversary year of Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Scottish Ballet presented vibrant new take on A Streetcar Named Desire, collaborating with theatre and film director…

  6. 02:12:02


    by Scottish Ballet

    6 Videos

    Scottish Ballet regularly runs live webcasts, offering a fascinating look behind the scenes at Scottish Ballet's national dance company. Webcasts are delivered from Scottish Ballet's HQ…

  7. 01:02:10

    Dance GB

    by Scottish Ballet

    10 Videos

    Scottish Ballet, National Dance Company Wales and English National Ballet are joining forces for the first time in a ground-breaking national celebration of dance inspired by the 2012 London Olympics…

  8. 20:14

    The Sleeping Beauty

    by Scottish Ballet

    9 Videos

    Princess Aurora is born into a magical world where mortals mix with the fairies of the enchanted forest. Cursed by a jealous fairy fallen from grace, Aurora falls into an enchanted hundred-year slumber…

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