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  1. Classic Films

    by rajthefilm joined

    26 Videos / 17 Members

    Classic films, adaptations, new versions, remakes, musicals, masterpiece theater, opera, ballet and other performing arts.

  2. ADanceMASSIVEJourney

    by Kyle Vincent Terry joined

    49 Videos / 20 Members

    This is a page where I would like to post the different ways dance is created, be it in the studio, in the bedroom (hey,now, nothing gross), in the shower, or on the street. Rehearsal is an important…

  3. Short films

    by Altin Kaftira joined

    30 Videos / 25 Members

  4. Dance & Ballet

    by Altin Kaftira joined

    136 Videos / 68 Members

  5. Dance Cinema

    by Pixel in Fact joined

    303 Videos / 131 Members

    Dance cinema

  6. Contemporary artz

    by Steve Ozeki joined

    813 Videos / 272 Members

    Dance and other

  7. London

    by Annie Coburn joined

    261 Videos / 104 Members

    All things London: mini visual tours of London. Two Brits, David Ingham and Ian P. Hardy, teach Annie Coburn all about London. Come along with us to find the places you will want to visit when you…

  8. Short Funny Videos

    by Mike Matthews joined

    2,724 Videos / 900 Members

    Are they short? Are they funny? Load 'em up.

  9. LOL FTW

    by Goshdarn joined

    2,103 Videos / 604 Members

    A funny place to be. Do you have a quirky, peculiar and sometimes twisted sense of humour? Share this 'talent' with others right here!

  10. Storyteller's Paradise

    by Richard Cameron White joined

    4,935 Videos / 1,897 Members

    A group designed for all your beautiful videos that tell a story. No matter how short or long, what medium you use, if it's a story about someone or something- add your it here. Imagery and music…

  11. Video Britain

    by Video Britain joined

    1,435 Videos / 642 Members

    We are here to inspire everyone to get out and explore Great Britain. Add a video to this group that inspires people to explore GB. Videos that showcase set locations within GB might be selected…

  12. Documentary

    by Alaska HDTV joined

    15.1K Videos / 5,323 Members

    Share your long or short documentary in full or promote your reel.

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