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  2. 29:38

    Masterclass | Victor Kossakovsky

    by Scottish Documentary Institute

    5 Videos

    Victor Kossakovsky in conversation with Noe Mendelle at the Edinburgh Int. Film Festival 2013.

  3. 22:09

    Peter Liechti | Masterclass | 2010

    by Scottish Documentary Institute

    7 Videos

    Highlights from a 2010 Masterclass with Peter Liechti talking about his film 'The Sound of Insects: Portrait of a Mummy'

  4. 10:06

    Jessica Oreck | Masterclass

    by Scottish Documentary Institute

    3 Videos

    Feb 2014 Jessica makes projects large and small that instill a sense of wonder and invite viewers to question their relationship with the natural world. Her award-winning first feature-length…

  5. 03:37

    Boris Mitić | Masterclass | 2013

    by Scottish Documentary Institute

    4 Videos

    Boris Mitić is a documentary filmmaker from Belgrade, Serbia. In his own words: Lived on a few continents, fought a war, settled back in Belgrade, worked for 5 years for top-level international…

  6. 17:03

    Jeremy Weller | Masterclass

    by Scottish Documentary Institute

    7 Videos

    Filmed: November 15th 2013 Jeremy Weller started as a painter at Goldsmiths College during the BritArt years alongside other contemporaries such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. But he found…

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  8. 16:29

    Edinburgh Stories

    by Scottish Documentary Institute

    0 Videos

    Three short films were commissioned by Creative Scotland in association with Edinburgh International Festival to celebrate the 1st International Cultural Summit which took place at the Scottish Parliament…

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