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Originally from Greene County, Pennsylvania, Scott received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia from West Virginia University in 2004 with a minor in music. He is currently working towards his Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art at Carnegie Mellon University.

Scott's work includes video, performance, sound, installation, and photography. He explores gender performance, camp, science fiction, and fantasy through the creation of alien environments that feature bizarrely seductive characters and kitschy objects. Scott's recent projects have been interactive and presented in public settings that invite, and sometimes compel the viewer's to become involved.

He has exhibited and/or performed at The Pittsburgh Children's Museum, The Show Cave in Los Angeles, The Three Rivers Arts Festival, Future Tenant, The Tom Museum, Modern Formations, Fe Gallery, SPACE, The H. Williams Teaching Gallery in Saint Paul, The Monongalia Arts Center, Zen Clay, The Mesaros Galleries, and as a video performer at The Three River's Film Festival, The Sprout Fund's Hothouse, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, The Brillobox, and The Pittsburgh Dance Council's Gods and Goddesses event. Scott was also published in the Fe Gallery's 'In The Making' catalogue as part of the Pittsburgh 250 initiative.

Scott is the Artistic Director of Open Thread (, a regional organization that features emerging artists through events and publications. He is a visiting artist in the Media Arts Department at The Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School and has given guest lectures, presentations and critiques at Chicago State University, the Carnegie Museum of Art, Columbia University, and the Silver Eye Center for Photography.

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