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Scouap vidéoplasticien
graphic designer, video artist, sculptor, painter

After 8 years of vjing (realtime video performances) at the highest level, locally and internationally (including many european festivals), Scouap has returned to his sculptural and video installing roots. Using his vj-ing skills he is now turning his attention to the creation of new ways of projecting video, designing these installations to respond better to his experimental numeric work.
To achieve a new experience of video projections, and as an extra dimension to his work, Scouap uses a variety of different mediums to use as a basis on which he can project his images. These include sculptural installations and the performance based mixture of video and painting.
Fascinated by the concept of exploiting visual space to the fullest, Scouap is now proposing gigantic projections on stage & on buildings (architectural mapping), interior or exterior, to bring the audience an alternative and new way of viewing these well known structures.
The combination of this experimental approach of video, the projection there of, the unique usage of space and an instinctive feel for esthetic results in a visual show that truly captivates and inspires an audience.

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