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Every great hip hop artist knows the importance of effectively describing their life experiences through music, and Atlanta, Ga. Zone 4 native Scrilla is no exception. Since the young age of eleven, Scrilla has been actively working to leave his mark in the rap game. Scrillz authentic street style has managed to capture the ears of some of his biggest influences from Young Jeezy to Killer Mike.

With assistance from Franklin Family Entertainment, in 2006 Scrilla made his entrance into the hip-hop community with his debut mix-tape Scrilla World. Following its release, Scrilla won BMI’s 2007 Urban Showcase which opened the door to work with artists such as A-Game, and Killer Mike. Scrilla then joined forces with the Don Music Group, and quickly followed up with a second project entitled, Ben Hill Beast. Scrilla then reconnected with several original members of the Frank Fam to form No Line Gang Ent. Under No Line Gang, Scrilla released his most successful mixtape to date entitled Smoke & Mirrors.

The release of Scrillz well received “I Ball, I Stunt” captured the attention of Young Jeezy who jumped on the single as a remix. “I Ball, I Stunt” would be the first of many collaborations between the two artists, including “Sittin Low”, “Broads”, and several other features on Jeezy’s most recent mixtapes The Real is Back and the sequel The Real is Back 2.

In reference to his style, Scrilla says that his music cannot be confined to one category of hip hop, whether it is considered “street” or “party music”. He says his music represents real life scenarios that listeners can connect to on a personal level. “Just here to speak the truth as I live it, nothing more, nothing less”

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