Sean Heyboer

Orlando, Fla.

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Born in Michigan. Studied film in Florida. Last name is Dutch.

writer / filmmaker / music video director.


  1. Diego Llamazares
  2. Young Habitat
  3. The Lens Depot
  4. Shutter Life Productions
  5. Drew Suppa
  6. Nightlight Pictures
  7. Danny Daneau
  8. Marco Cordero
  9. Chuck Chae
  10. Craig Weinstein
  11. Erica Harrell
  12. Debby Wolfe
  13. Tierney Tough
  14. Randy Finch
  15. Andrew Gay
  16. Danny Daneau
  17. Desiree Proctor
  18. Phillip Chernyak

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  1. Awesome, great job of turning doom and gloom to smiles and chuckles. Great cast of players. Great job of directing Alex. Nicely done.
  2. Very creative idea, love the kids.
  3. Bravo, excellent, I love the sense of place and time that this work evokes, the imagery has a timeless quality which evokes nostalgic emotions. Great job creating mood by the use of the selected score and the artistic treatment of the footage. Well…