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Originally from France, I lived in several European countries before arriving in Ireland in 2003.

While making videos is something I thought about for a long time, I only began two years ago and, funnily enough, the opportunity arose almost by accident.

I'm also a musician and I needed a music video for a cover song I'd just recorded - I asked some friends in the movie business to help but none were available at the time. So I made one by myself. Using my camera phone! And I caught the bug…

From such an inauspicious beginning, I graduated to working with Canon DSLR's and FCP7.

Along the last two years, I worked with some fascinating artists including Mick Flannery; The Unthanks; Lisa O'Neill; Swords; David Hedderman, Francie Conway, Wallis Bird and Villagers.

In January 2013, I began a FETAC 6 accredited film and television production course in which I qualified, in the beautiful County Kerry in the West of Ireland.

I'm always interested in new opportunities so don't hesitate to contact me, if my diary allows and if the work is challenging I'll definitely take it on. For reference my portfolio is available on YouTube & Vimeo.

I can successfully fill these positions: camera op, camera assist, gaffer, JIB assistant, lighting, sound op, editor, vision mixer, sound mixer...

I work with FCP7/X, Photoshop, Avid media composer and Premiere Pro as well as Adobe AE. Notions of Autodesk Smoke and Davinci Resolve.

Hoping to hear from you..

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