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  1. vvvv

    by Philipp Steinweber joined

    730 Videos / 1,314 Members

    vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can…

  2. DJ 2 VJ

    by DJ Flick joined

    1,111 Videos / 295 Members

    A collection of Video's that inspire the DJ...ehem...aspiring VJ.

  3. Superformula Love

    by Ian Clemmer joined

    57 Videos / 38 Members

    Are you in love with the superformula? This is the place for you! Any videos working with superformula go here! Enjoy the wonderful collection of superformula related art! Experiments, tests,…

  4. Artec Pictures Presents: AMP/Artec's Melting Pot

    by Artec Pictures joined

    2,260 Videos / 754 Members

    Post your art, music, short, narrative, documentary, animation, commercial, travel, live, & experimental videos here. We want a channel that is diverse and that has open-minded members. And…

  5. Data Visualization

    by Alexander Köpke joined

    97 Videos / 107 Members

  6. OpenFrameworks

    by stefanix joined

    982 Videos / 610 Members

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