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New regular always updated night in cafe V lese (Prague, Czech Republic, Europe) focused not only on cosmic kraut italo avant synth ritual dark electronica.

We not only love videos liked here (SEE LIKES) but do our best to show them to the audience and support them with the music! It's all one.

If you are an artist that would love to show his/her work in full length (some of the videos liked here are test or preview only), please write us a message.

If you are an artist that would rather not be promoted in this way please send us a message and we will remove the video from our likes and won't be projecting it.

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  1. I Dream Of Wires
  2. Don Whitaker
  3. Markus Selg
  4. Matt Chandler
  5. Geoffrey Lillemon
  6. abi taxi
  7. The Crystal Beach
  8. A N F
  9. Robert Seidel
  10. thomas marqué
  11. David C. Montgomery
  12. Onur Senturk
  13. Raven Kwok
  14. Filip Piskorzynski
  16. Jesse Smith
  17. zach gold
  18. Max Hattler

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  3. Recently posted these oils if anybody would be interested in some inspiration or even new animation to come! -