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Specialized in filming, editing, motion graphic, animation and visual effect. SEESAW is a design and filmmaking collective with acclaim in both advertising and experimental fields. Founded in 2011 with a group of passionate young talents, SEESAW has established as a full-service creative studio, providing the best and unique quality of post production service for the advertising industry.

Director/Visual effect artist : Dick
Tel : 852-6186-0810

Senior Visual effect artist : Kinson
Tel : 852-93483523

Producer :Alvin
Tel : 852-9225-4877


  1. Flashback Japan
  2. Rocky Fong
  3. LewisTsoMotion
  4. Sam Chan
  5. Chansky
  6. PANN
  7. David To
  8. Max Kong
  9. ifworks
  11. tomoya kimpara
  12. ONE MORE
  13. 3D on the side
  14. Scott Foley
  15. Cookie™
  16. Helen Hyung Choi
  17. Eric Cruz
  18. hymn wong

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