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  1. Transmedia Projects

    by Gabriel Motta Ferreira joined

    7 Videos / 7 Members

    A group to share and discuss innovative projects that make good use of transmedia storytelling. The main goal of this group is to create a community of multi-platform storytellers as well as put…


    by LJ Lee joined

    4,634 Videos / 1,191 Members

    Learn - Shoot - Inspire

  3. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    44.6K Videos / 12.2K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  4. Motion Design

    by Yaniv Fridman joined

    5,272 Videos / 1,383 Members

    Motion & Graphic Design

  5. Motion Graphic Artists

    by Danny Garcia joined

    76.2K Videos / 27K Members

    A place for all the creative people that create today's motion graphics for film, television, web, and everywhere in between! Don't forget to post (or link) your best work here. Especially…

  6. Motion Design

    by Rafael Braga joined

    250 Videos / 168 Members


  7. Motion Design

    by Rafael Braga joined

    250 Videos / 168 Members


  8. Transmedia Storytelling

    by thebruce joined

    112 Videos / 76 Members

    The idea of transmedia storytelling (telling stories through multiple media) has started to take root in Hollywood and throughout the indie filmmaker community. This group will focus on the challenges…

  9. Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

    by Christer Dahl joined

    6,625 Videos / 2,529 Members

    For all Aerial Photo/Video addicted people... PS, ONLY AERIAL MOVIE CLIPS RECORDED FROM ACTUAL AIRCRAFT/AERIAL DEVICES. NOT from your seat in an commercial airplane... Also no videos of your gear…


    by Kevin Foong joined

    19.6K Videos / 7,008 Members

    The largest repository of Fashion Films and Lovers on Vimeo. Nous aimons la mode!

  11. WebSeries

    by Absolution The Series joined

    4,297 Videos / 1,082 Members

    Online narratives unite! This group is for those who are involved in creating or watching episodic web content. Share your trailers and episodes and help get the message out about your show!

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