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  1. MASH

    by Mainframe (North) subscribed to

    45 Videos / 501 Followers

    Various examples of how our fancy suite of Maya nodes work. MASH is a procedural animation toolkit for Maya. Vote for us in the CG Awards - https://thecgawards.com/vote/plug-in/ Go on!

  2. Best of C4D Tutorials.

    by Ben Toh subscribed to

    2,384 Videos / 7,337 Followers

  3. Msc Animationa and Visualisation

    by Thomas Hogben subscribed to

    60 Videos / 3 Followers

    The work I have produced over the course of my Msc which supports the short film 'Light and Sight: an interpretation of light'

  4. Wine after Coffee.

    by Jr.canest subscribed to

    2,479 Videos / 6,263 Followers

    "Hand picked videos for your healthy audiovisual diet." RSS Feed: http://goo.gl/RZmE3 Facebook page: http://fb.me/wineaftercoffe Twitter: https://twitter.com/wineaftercoffee We want…

  5. Softimage ICE Tutorials Collection

    by R.P. da Costa subscribed to

    422 Videos / 243 Followers

    Many tutorials about Softimage Ice.

  6. Love Motion

    by Simon Reichenbach subscribed to

    359 Videos / 1,257 Followers

    New Videos around Motion Graphics, Animation or just great moving images.

  7. Proceduralism

    by Andy Moorer subscribed to

    1,794 Videos / 2,587 Followers

    A showcase of procedural computer graphics, where computer software and artistry meet. Particle systems, procedural models, and visual effects achieved through custom scripts and software are showcased…

  8. Softimage ICE Training Network

    by Christopher subscribed to

    27 Videos / 248 Followers

    My compilation of my favorite ICE training videos put forth by the Softimage community.

  9. realm design department

    by Realm subscribed to

    0 Videos / 2 Followers

    Featuring graphics and design work by some of the people who make up Realm.

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