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Septic Helper. To avoid expensive repairs on your home and clean up the environment at the same time, use the natural cleaners for septic system clogging, plumbing and water supply maintenance like the all-natural Advanced Formula Septic-Helper 2000 and Enza Drain Line Cleaner.

In 2011 the EPA Total Maximum Load of Nitrates (TMDL) that states and counties must clean up their water supplies by 2017. It mandates new inspections on all septic systems, water wells and with funding, local waterways. A failed inspection would include a slow drain in your leach field, low septic tank bacteria levels or elevated Nitrate levels in your Water Well or local Water Supplies; could require replacement of your entire system for $10K to $100K+ or connect to the city sewer system for $5K to $50K. The new inspections are failing 12% of systems each year and 82% of those older than 1977.

Inquire about their Septic Service Protection Plans - 800.929.2722 - Septic Line Warranty, Septic System Repairs and Failures Cost Homeowners Thousands Every Day. Protect Your Most Expensive Appliance and Avoid Out of Pocket Expenses with Our New Septic Line Warranty.


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